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Best Areas in Albany to get Office Space

When looking into getting a new office space, the location in which you choose is vital. In the Capital Region, there are many different towns to choose from, and each one has different benefits and drawbacks. Some of the most popular locations to lease an office include Guilderland, Colonie, Albany, and Saratoga. Here are these locations broken down and analyzed, so you can see which location best suits you and your business.


Guilderland office spaces

The Guilderland area is a popular place for an office space due to it's high traffic suburban area. Interstate highway near Guilderland offers easy and quick passage to Boston, Syracuse, and Buffalo on I-90, to New York City and Montreal on I-87, and to Binghamton and the Southern Tier on I-88. Schools in the area are among the best in New York State and there is ample shopping and professional services within or in close proximity to the town. There are many office spaces in the area perfect for any business


Colonie ny office spaces

The Colonie area is a commercial hub perfectly composed of any store you could ever possibly need. Wolf Road is one of the best areas for an office space due to its close proximity to shopping, banks, grocery stores, restaurants, and more. Additionally, travel to and from Colonie is made easy as it is right off the Northway, just 30 minutes from Saratoga. There are a ton of options for eating, shopping, and doing business all along Wolf Road, so finding the best spots on Wolf will be very beneficial. If you can't decide or need some guidance, the people of Albany will choose for you! Specifically, The Anderson Group puts on a contest each year to see which businesses on Wolf Road are most popular. Check them out to see if you agree!


Albany office spaces

If you're choosing Albany as your office space location, then you have to decide whether you want to go downtown or uptown Albany. In walking distance, downtown Albany has a plethora of restaurants, bars, cafes, and hangout spots perfect for your lunch break or after-work drink. However, it's important to note the parking issues with a space downtown. Street parking can be a nightmare so if you're moving your office downtown, choose one with off-street parking. After all, you don't want to be late to work because you were searching for parking. If you're one that likes to walk on your lunch break, Washington Park is close to offices in the downtown Albany Area! Uptown Albany has all the same nice spots, just a little further away. So what's the main difference? Uptown is much quieter and has a lot less traffic.

There are a lot of great places in the Albany Area to get an office space. Each location is slightly different, so it's mainly up to personal preference. When you're trying to find the best office space for you, it may be important to look into local restaurants, walking areas, parking spots, traffic, and accessibility. Let The Anderson Group help you find your place today!

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