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Are We Saying Goodbye to Coworking Offices? Here is the Perfect Alternative.

Coworking spaces popped up all across the country including the Capital Region of New York, specifically in downtown areas where vacant spaces were re-imagined. These communal office spaces served as a place for millennial workers to work independently within a simulated environment that provided a community feel and structure of working with others. While no one is sure of exactly how office spaces will look moving forward, some businesses that previously operated in coworking spaces are certainly looking for other options.

Some questions that businesses using coworking offices will have to consider:

● Will workers be comfortable sharing a desk with a stranger outside of their close circle of people they are in contact with?

● Will workers worry about the hygiene practices of others who share the office space?

● How often will the area have to be thoroughly disinfected to ensure it is clean after previous use?

While there is a lot of certainty about what the future of office spaces looks like, we can be sure of a few things:

● Employees and their clients want to be safe in their workspace

● Businesses will prioritize providing their employees and clients with a private, controlled office space

● People will look down upon any necessarily interaction with others in order to prevent the spreading of disease

The Perfect Alternative: Executive Suites

At The Anderson Group we are committed to providing a safe work environment for our tenants in Albany and Colonie during these difficult times. Our executive suites and office spaces offer businesses:

Enhanced cleaning protocols: Our housekeeping and maintenance team will do everything they can do to ensure your business stays safe and healthy.

Privacy: Our executive suites are only accessible by your team alone which will create a more private environment, unlike shared coworking spaces.

Flexible short term or long term leases: Executive suites with the Anderson Group have a minimum 90-day lease term, but we offer several short and long term leases that can satisfy the needs of various business situations.

Security: Our office spaces have lockable doors that allow you to have more control and security over your personal property.

Higher productivity: Having fewer distractions from other businesses working in your space could ultimately lead to increased productivity from your team.

Monthly rent payments: Executive suites come with a fixed rent payment per month which generally includes fees for utilities, taxes, management, and housekeeping.

More control over surroundings: Your business has much more control over the ambiance of your environment in an executive suite than in a coworking office.

Complimentary space design: Our construction services team can work with you to design a space that allows for social distancing between employees.

Brand your own space: With The Anderson Group’s executive suites, you’ll have the opportunity to really make your space your own and give it a more professional feel, which is not a possibility in shared office spaces.

Our team at the The Anderson Group has the experience and expertise to provide your business with the safety and efficiency that is crucial during this new age of business. Schedule a virtual showing or request a video of any of our available office spaces on Wolf Road and Washington Ave. Ext. to see what makes our executive suites the perfect option for your team!

Looking for more ideas on how to spruce up your office space? Reach out to Susan Touhey at The Anderson Group for tips and tools to transform your office space design, productivity and efficiency.

Contact her at 518-458-7726 or by email (

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