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Custom Office Spaces with The Anderson Group

In honor of #NationalDecoratingMonth, we're focusing on customizable office spaces in the Capital Region that allow tenants to build out their office to fit their unique needs. Recently, The Anderson Group, a commercial real estate company in Albany, NY, helped design a custom studio space for their new tenant. Akullian Creative, who moved into their 110 Wolf Road office building in Albany, NY, discusses with us the perks of having a leasing company that assisted them in creating a film and design studio in one of the Capital Region's main commercial corridors.

Q: Why did you pick Wolf Road for your office space?

Many of our clients are located in the Albany area, so we knew quickly that we needed our office space to be centrally located in the Capital Region. With multiple exits and onramps for the Northway close by, we knew that Wolf Road was a great option for accessibility. Additionally, easy parking was important to us since we initially liked the idea of Downtown Albany, but realized parking was essential to inviting clients to our office. What made that even better was the fact that the Albany Airport, major hotels, and restaurants are close by, which allow our clients from all over the world visit our office space with ease. Once they are in town, there are multiple options to go for dinner, happy hour, or even to a movie right on Wolf Road!

Q: What made you decide to upgrade from your previous office space?

Our old office worked in terms of office space, but we were subleasing an executive suite and it didn’t allow us to complete the project we wanted to get hired for. Videos were being done in a small office within an accounting firm and by the time everything was set up, it caused even less space than there was to begin with. That office served its purpose in the beginning, but as we grew, it was time for a studio where we could create work that allowed us to take on larger clients. Originally, we were looking at a completely different space that had never been used and needed to be completely built out and decorated. While The Anderson Group were more than happy to help us design this space, we decided we wanted something a little lower maintenance. We toured our current office space with Greg Anderson and immediately new we could build out this space to fit our needs. They completely updated the space for us, building new walls, taking out wallpaper, and adding a custom studio with sound proofing and special studio paint. By the end of it, the space looked like a completely new office!

Q: What was the most important thing for you when looking at new offices?

Because we work in the design and film industry, it was important that our office was easily accessible and had ample parking for when we needed to take our gear on set. In our previous office, we went through four sets of doors just to get our gear out. It was both impractical and time consuming. With our new office, there is just one door that needs to be opened, allowing our crew to do the majority of the moving with ease. We also wanted to be in a building that had great parking for all of our employees and clients. Good parking to us means within walking distance, does not require a parking pass, and is well-maintained. This is challenging to find with many offices in the Albany area, but we were lucky enough to work with The Anderson Group who provided just that!

There’s a lot that goes into picking and customizing the perfect office space. With unique business needs, you may not even know what you’re looking for or what the leasing process entails. Luckily, there are great commercial real estate options in the Capital Region, such as The Anderson Group, who can help assist your every need. Not only will they be there to help you choose the right office, but make that space fit your business needs. Contact them today to see which Albany or Colonie office space is right for your company!

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