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Top Tips for Renting Your First Office Space in Albany, New York

Renting your first office space or executive suite is a very exciting part of growing your business, but it can be overwhelming as well. It’s important to do your research before finding a space that will allow your team to thrive and boost productivity. Below are some tips to help you begin your search and make an informed decision.

Decide If You Really Need One

There are always the options to work from home-offices or coworking spaces, but many businesses can benefit from having a dedicated private office. Having a physical address available on Google can actually help with SEO to grow your business’s online presence. Many office rentals also have amenities included in the cost. Some of the useful amenities available from The Anderson Group, include on-site management, housekeeping, receptionists, free parking, ATM access, an on-site Notary, a café, and more.

Choose an Accessible Location

Your office location should be easily accessible to employees and customers alike. Consider factors like the if there's a bike rack, public transportation options, and distance from a major highway - Albany recently added the long awaited Exit 3 on I-87 giving our tenants on Wolf Road greater accessibility.

It’s always an added bonus if there are coffee shops and restaurants nearby! Here's great restaurants in Colonie, NY by our office spaces on Wolf Road.

Stick To Your Budget

Arguably the most important part of your search is deciding your budget from the start and sticking to it. Make sure to be realistic, choosing an office space that could put your business into debt or stunting its growth isn’t worth investing in. Schedule a complimentary call with The Anderson Group today to rent an office space.

Consider Additional Expenses

There are a number of other expenses to consider besides your lease. Purchasing furniture, decor, and office supplies can add up, so you may want to consider leasing your furniture. Some office rentals include the option to come pre-furnished, which is a convenient and cost-effective opportunity. Many office rentals include internet and other utilities like water and gas, but if not, make sure they’re factored into your budget.

Customize Your Space

You’ll likely be spending a lot of time in your office, you might as well decorate it to your liking! Luckily, The Anderson Group provides the option to brand your office and create a professional environment for clients and your team. Improving your interior design can help cultivate your company culture, as well as boost productivity and efficiency.

Understand Your Lease

Make sure you thoroughly read your office lease agreement and that all the included amenities are also written out. It’s important to note what you or your landlord are responsible for. For example, if your lease doesn’t include repairs, be sure to factor it into your budget instead.

Find Flexible Leasing Options

While it’s possible to get discounts on long term contracts, you may not want to be tied down to your very first office. Be realistic about where your business will be in one, two, or even five years. You don’t want to be stuck in a lease if you sell your business or outgrow your original office space.

Finding an office space can be the next big step to growing your business. Once you’re ready to find your dream office, contact The Anderson Group for competitive rates and valuable amenities today!

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