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Spring Cleaning Your Office Space

With Spring approaching, we encourage you to participate in Spring cleaning in your office space in the Capital Region. The Anderson Group offers cleaning services such as carpet cleaning and window treatment, but have you thought about how organization can help your office space feel fresh? Clutter in your space can very easily turn into a cluttered mind, which in turn makes it challenging to get work done. Spring cleaning may be your shortcut to enhancing productivity. Check out this list of ideas on how to spruce up your office space.

  1. Organize your desk

Need mental clarity? Try organizing all the papers, supplies, and boxes on your office desk. Even if it is organized chaos, it may be slowing down your productivity. Labeling and separating work can help you get through your tasks fast because you can find everything you need with ease. Staples on Central Avenue in Albany, NY is a great option to quickly get organizational supplies for your Capital Region office.

  1. Sort through your email

Our emails are constantly initiated with spam and project chains that never get properly deleted. This can make it challenging to find a specific thread or even stay focused when writing an email. We can become distracted with emails we haven’t replied to yet and quickly forget about the email we intended to write. Creating folders and sorting threads logically can help reduce eye sores and make it easier to find information.

  1. Clean out the break room fridge

Have you ever had so many projects at once that you forgot to eat lunch? Oftentimes, those meals get left in the fridge for days, which easily turns into months. Even once they are thrown out, smells can linger and cause unseen germs to fester. Many cleaning companies do not clean the interior of the fridge unless it is a special request. You may consider asking your cleaning service to do this every couple or month. Or it can be as easy as stopping by the Target off of Wolf Road in Albany, NY or Whole Foods in Colonie Center.

  1. Create a supply closet / area

One major reason why office spaces aren’t organized is because there are no organizational supplies handy. Keeping dividers, a label maker, pencil holders, and drawer dividers on hand can help reduce clutter in a pinch. Consider designating a closet in your office space for office supplies. Inventory can be taken on a monthly or quarterly basis, depending on how fast your office goes through it, and be replaced as needed. W.B. Mason is located right on Mill Street in Albany, NY. Stopping in or ordering online is a great way to go when starting or replenishing your office supplies.

  1. Get shredding

One easy way to clean up the office is to shred any unnecessary documents. We tend to hold onto work just in case we need it in the future, but fail to shred it once a project is done and it is no longer needed. Going digital is a great way to combat this issue long term, but creates a different type of virtual clutter. Having a shredder on hand is a great solution for getting rid of paper that is no longer needed. Pop over to Office Equipment Source, Inc. on Automation Lane in Albany, NY and grab one!

Whether your clutter is virtual or physical, it can be hindering your office’s productivity. Get ahead of that in 2022 by participating in Spring cleaning. There are many great office supply stores in Albany, NY and the surrounding Capital Region that can help you get and stay organized. We hope this encourages you to get that organized chaos under control.

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