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Mitigating Stress in the Workplace

At any job, at least some amount of stress in the workplace is inevitable. Regardless of your job responsibilities, everyone is dealing with numerous stressors in life. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, taking care of your mental health is more important than ever. Through just a few different activities you can do throughout the workday, you can rapidly increase your productivity, efficiency, and quality of work. In honor of National Stress Awareness Day, here are 5 tips to dealing with stress in the workplace during your lunchbreak.

1. Grab your yoga mat

Taking a small time out of your day to do some yoga is easy and effective in reducing stress. Yoga has been proven to lower your heart rate and relax your body, so if you’re hoping to destress, this might be a great choice for you! Since being in an office all day can be mentally draining, yoga is a great way to improve your mental well being. It is proven to increase body awareness, relive chronic stress patterns, center your attention, and sharpen concentration. There are many different yoga routines you can do (some harder than others) so making sure you do the right one for your body and time restraint is important. To find the best yoga routine for you, check out some of the best yoga apps.

2. Take a walk

Going outside and getting some fresh air for a walk is a perfect way to destress and reboot for the remainder of the day. This will encourage you to relax your mind and come back fresh and productive. Additionally, if you’re sitting down all day there’s a good chance your muscles are tense. The perfect way to loosen them up is taking a quick walk! If you’re not quite sure where to exercise near you, go to to find walking or biking routes near your office. You can search by activity or distance, and filter the choices based on your opinion of the 3D flyover video route.

3. Speak to a professional

Today, seeking a mental health specialist is easier than ever before… and you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your office! Through online therapy services such as Betterhelp and Talkspace, you can easily video chat with a licensed professional about your stress and anxiety. It never hurts to see what your company offers in terms of mental health resources! Companies such as PwC, Dell Technologies, and Delta Airlines are providing their employees with well-being coaches and on-site mental health professionals. Other companies such as Calm are providing their employees with stipends to pay for stress relieving services such as therapy, gym memberships, nutrition programs, and massages.

4. Eat brain food

Nutrition is extremely important in brain and body function. What you consume can influence your energy, brain function, and overall wellness. Food is a huge part of every person’s daily life, so why not choose foods that help mitigate your stress and balance your body. When stress occurs in the body, a well balanced nutrition will actually boost your resistance to the feeling. Since stress influences many aspects of your overall health, having a routine way to ward it off is a great way to maintain health and happiness. There are many foods that help relieve stress, but here are a few choices that you might like.

- Matcha powder

- Sweet potatoes

- Artichokes

- Eggs

- Shellfish

- Fatty fish

- Garlic

- Broccoli

5. Listen to music

The things we hear throughout our environment contribute to our stress more than you may think. Whether or not you know it, your subconscious picks up numerous stressful sounds that may be contributing to your anxiety. So, since we are constantly hearing sounds in our environment, we might as well choose the sounds we listen to. Music has shown to have a profound effect on both emotions and the body. For example, faster music can make you feel more alert and focused, while upbeat music can make your feel optimistic and positive. For the reduction of stress, slower tempo songs are recommended, such as classical music and rainforest sounds.

Stress in the workplace is a large issue for people all over the world. Many people are overworked and tired, making their work and home life much more stressful. Stress is part of almost everyone’s lives, but too much stress can be harmful to your body. Specifically, stress has the ability to weaken the immune system, cause high blood pressure, fatigue, depression, anxiety, and in some cases heart disease. With just a few simple tips during your lunchbreak, you can reduce some of this stress in your life. Remember, there’s no harm in trying it out!

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