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New Addition to Wolf Road in Albany, NY

As one of the main commercial centers of Albany, NY, we're always looking for new businesses and restaurants coming to Wolf Road. Recently,

Danny Lin, owner of Saratoga's Wasabi, has opened a sister restaurant with the same name serving all-you-can-eat sushi at 195 Wolf Road in Colonie. The restaurant seats more than 240 customers and has private dining areas around the property. There's also plenty of parking so no worries about the hassle of street parking.

Wasabi features all you can eat sushi for $25 on weekdays and $27 on weekends, free dinners on birthdays, Japanese barbecue, and are expected to serve Euro-Japanese drinks once acquiring their liquor license! Owner Danny Lin made numerous changes to the space which was once Reel Seafood, including this beautiful 15-by-24-foot sushi bar.

This new restaurant is a great addition to Wolf Road and definitely seems like a must-try for Wolf Road commuters. All the great bars, restaurants, shops, and stores make Wolf Road an appealing place for an office. If you're looking to make Wolf Road your new place of work, check out available office spaces for rent in Colonie, NY.

If you are already familiar with the area, be sure to check out our Best on Wolf Contest going on right now! Let us know your favorite businesses on Wolf Road for a chance to win $100!

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